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1- Complete com as conjunçoes ou linking words a seguir: (Otherwise/while/asas/unless/When) a) Joseph likes to listen to music he studies.
b) Tell me you have a free time.
c) I will go to your house it rains.
d) Mary is tall me. e) You must study you will not pass on your exam.

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Alguém sabe a 3 por favor urgente ​
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Traduzir pra portugues. - hey, buddy! what's up? hi i'm fine and your own- i'm good too. could you me? -sure, man, what do you nud? - could you lind me your car for one hour? -yeach! i'ii ned the con only at night., brother see ya..- no problemintake and​
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1) complete as frases abaixo no simple present a) mariana (to watch) tv on sundays b) pedro (to play) soccer on saturdays c) your brother spanish (to speak) d) we (to do) our exercises in the morning e) isabella (to go) to school in the afternoon f) good kids (to brush) their teeth and (to wash) their hands g) sally (to play) cards everyday h) wars (to destroy) cities and livre i) ms kate aften (to drink) milk j) mom (to like) football
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Ce ask questions. use the simple past.1 you / late / for school / yesterdaywere you late for school yesterday? 2 the boy / airport / last year3 they / museum / last night4 mrs. taylor / in london / two days ago5 you and amanda / rock concert / three hours ago ​
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1- Complete com as conjunçoes ou linking words a seguir: (Otherwise/while/asas/unless/When) a) Jos...
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