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1. Read the statements below and mark the correct alternative according to the text. 1. Handicapped people were subjected to nuclear radiation.
II. 131 black prisoners had their testicles exposed to nuclear tests.
Ill. The public is still unaware of the real dimensions of the nuclear problem.
a) All the sentences are incorrect.
b) All the sentences are correct.
c) Only one sentence is correct.
d) Two sentences are correct.​

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Preciso de um diálogo para três pessoas com present perfect, simple past e simple present. não precisa ser muito grande, umas 3 ou 4 falas pra cada
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Leia e traduza loop at the of the page. you can see two different pictures. on the left you can see a cowboy betweens two cows. the cows are wild brut the cowboy is not afraid. on the right you can see a thief. he is aniong many people. a thief steals money and tinha from people. prepositions between (entre) a preposição "betwen" indica 1. um ser entre dois outros seres: paul is between mary and jone. (paulo está entre maria e jane.) the horses is between the cow and the donkey. (o cavalo está entre a vaca e o burr.)
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1. Read the statements below and mark the correct alternative according to the text. 1. Handicapped...
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