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3.Qual é o plural das seguintes palavras: [MS. EF07LI15.S.15] Man-Woman-Person

a. Mans-Womans-Persons

b. Men-Womens-Peoples

c. Men-Women-People

4.Sobre o conteúdo “The Simple Present”, escolha a melhor opção:

[MS. EF07LI16.S.16]

01. Marina a big family: 3 sisters and 4 brothers.

a) Have

b) Has

02.We sometimes to the ice rink.

a) Go

b) Goes

03. What she like?

a) Do

b) Does

04. My brother play tennis.

a) Don’t

b) Doesn’t

Sobre o conteúdo “ Object Pronouns” escolha a melhor opção que completa as lacunas de acordo com

o pronome em negrito:

5. My friends and I go on a field trip. The school organized the trip for .

[MS. EF07LI19.S.20] a) Them

b) Us

c) You

6. There is a scary monster. I am afraid of . [MS. EF07LI19.S.20]

a) It

b) Her

c) Us

Sobre o conteúdo “ Possessive Case”, escolha a melhor opção:

7. Our boss is organizing a surprise party for birthday.

[MS. EF07LI21.S.22]

a) Bob

b) Bob’​

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Complete the senteces using "there is" or "there are"a) a cat ok my bed.b) two oranges in the boy.c) many fruits in the fruit bow.d) seven cars in the garage.e) ten books under the table.f) an apple in the fridge.g) a magazine on that shelf.h) an alam clock in the bag. i) some dogs on the street.​
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Write sentences with both…and /either…or/ neither…nor. a. peter is hungry. john is hungry too. b. you can have steak or chicken. whichever you prefer. c. tom isn’t italian. he isn’t brazilian either. d. julie is at home. mary is at home too. e. we’ll visit bahia. we’ll visit pernambuco too.
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Duas frases usando o verbo to be.exemplos: i am not happy with the coldduas frases usando "am not"she is not in the classduas frases usando "is not"​
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Alguém pode me ajuda com essa lição de inglês
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3.Qual é o plural das seguintes palavras: [MS. EF07LI15.S.15] Man-Woman-Person

a. Mans-W...
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