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4-What you buy at the supermarket this afternoon? A( )are – going to B( )is you – going to

C( )are – going D( )are – to going

5-I visit my grandparents tomorrow morning.

A( )is going to B( )are going to C( )am going to D( )am going

6-People say that in 2050 computers much.

A( )will not to cost B( )will not cost C( )not cost will D( )will cost not

7-Nicolas next month anymore.

A( )not going to travel B( )is not going to travel

C( )going not travel D( )are not going to travel

8- supper for us tonight?

A( )Are you going to cook B( )You are cooking

C( )You are going cook D( )Are you going cook

9-What dress this evening?

A( )is Anna going to wear B( )Anna is going to wear

C( )Are Anna wearing D( )Is Anna to wear

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4-What you buy at the supermarket this afternoon? A( )are – going to B( )is you – going to
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