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6. The electricity. a) was going / reading b) went/was reading
c) went/read
d) was going / was reading
7. While my homework, my father the newspaper.
a) was doing / was reading b) was doing /read c) was doing / reading
d) did / was reading
8. It was
a) looking / went
.when Ithe theatre.
b) raining / left c) standing / built
d) opening / was doing
9. He his leg while hefootball.
a) was breaking / played b) breaked / was playing
c) broke / was playing
d) broke / playing
d) typed / called
10. Susanthe letters when her friend
a) typed / was calling b) was typing / was calling c) was typing I called
11. Mr Brown
to the office when he accident with his car.
a) was walking / had b) was running / had c) was riding / had d) was driving I had
12. Whatyour motherwhen youthe kitchen?
a) were/doing /entered b) was/ doing / were entering c) was/doing I entered
13. Sibelher umbrella while she
a) lost / was shopping
in the city.
b) was losing / shopped c) losted / was shopping d) lost I shopped
..when Davidher.
b) cried / was seeing c) was crying / saw d) crying I saw
14. Jane.
a) was cried / saw

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6. The electricity. a) was going / reading b) went/was reading
c) went/read
d) was goin...
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