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1) Complete escolhendo a forma correta do verbo modal - Could ou Couldn't:

a-When I was young. I play the guitar. It was too difficult for me!

b-Her grandmother was bilingual. She speak both English and Spanish.

c-Yesterday, Peter do that exercise alone. So, he called me for help.

d-In 1950, people use mobile phones.

e-When his mother was young, she skate but she can't do it any longer.

f-We open the door. It was locked from the inside!

g-In 1900. people watch TV.

h-Mary's grandfather play chess and he was the best.

i-In 1945. people play
video games.

j-My grandmother cook a delicious dinner really fast.

2) Complete com can ou could

Paul play the violin when he was young.

b- We go to the supermarket after game today.

a- I see James in the concert last week.

d- My parents travel to Italy last week.

e- They speak English and French very well.

f- My sister reproduce this score on the piano.

g- Theygo to the beach today.

h- I work all day long.

i-Karen dance very well.

j- He study Portuguese last year at school.​

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