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Anna: Hello! Washington, D. C. 1- _ many beautiful parks. In fact, this park 2_ me of my home very far away. Marsha: Anna, here’s your coffee. Anna: Thanks, Marsha. Marsha: What’s wrong? Anna: I’m thinking about my family. I’m feeling homesick. Marsha: Do you 3- _ to talk about it? Anna : Sure! I 4- _ some fotos. Marsha: Yes. Yes, you do! Like, have (2X), help, make, makes, has, want, laugh, reminds, raise Anna: Photos really 5- _. Anna: This is my mother and this is my father. They are rodeo clowns. Marsha: What do rodeo clowns do? Anna: They 6- _ jokes at a rodeo. They make people 7- _. Marsha: That, That’s very diferente. Marsha: Who is that woman in the picture? Anna: That is my Aunt Lavender. She is my mom’s sister. She loves gardening and makes spoons. Anna: She 8- _ spoons? Anna: Of course. Marsha: That, too, is very diferente. Anna: Oh! This is my Uncle John. He is my father’s brother. Marsha: What does Uncle John do? Anna: He’s chicken farmer. And makes guitars. He’s awesome, and I’m his favorite niece. Marsha: Who are they? Anna: They are my cousins. They are my Uncle John’s daughter and son. Marsha: What do they do? Anna: They 9- _ sheep and make sweaters. Marsha: Yeah, that’s not a surprise. Marsha: Thanks for showing me your family fotos. Your family is very different. Anna: I do feel better. Thanks for listening. I 10- _ many more fotos! Marsha: Yeah. Yeah, you do. Anna: Washington DC is my new home. But I 11- _ remembering my old home, too.

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Alguém sabe essa por favor pra me ajudar não sei muito o inglês​
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Alguém sabe a 3 por favor urgente ​
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Biografia de algum escritores em inglês? ? ​
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Complete dito have to don't have to has to-doesn't have toi arrive at school at 7: 30you study, we have a testhe drink and drive we stop at red light she be polilethey have to go to school on sundays​
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Anna: Hello! Washington, D. C. 1- _ many beautiful parks. In fact, this park 2_ me of my home very f...
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