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Como se fala em portugues a palavra beast

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Mary likes . do you like *c) hers; yoursd)hers; youa) her; yoursb) her; your‚Äč
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Reecreva as frases,substituindo as palavras em destaque pelo pronome obliquo, object pronome, adequado a) don't contaminate (the air) b) same of (the boys) wanted to photograph (janet) c) he shard (the chocolate) with (his brother) d) daniel visitead (peter and me) on wednsday e) did she send (your colleage and you) a letter ? f) because of (peter) i missed (the train) g) we gave (the floers) to (the teacher ) h) phill wanted to marry (susan) i) how did frank tame (the dogs) ? j) tom dindn ' t behave (the lessons ) k) there is mothing to do with (clara and me)
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Preencha os espa√ßos com o verbo to be no simple past. a)jane her mother wen i arrived there. b)you the most inportant person at the time. c)i speaking badly of you(forma negativa). d)we really worried aboit her. e)i tink it like i expected it to be(forma negativa). f)jane believres they sleeping when it hoppened.‚Äč
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Complete as frases com base na informa√ß√£o que est√° entre parentes em ingl√™s mais traduzido em portugu√™s‚Äč
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