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Complete com few, a few, little e a little: 1 - Today I am feiling sad because there are
expecting 200 and only 40 came.
people in my party. I was
2 - "John, Daniel, don't worry, the juice is not over. I kept
, .
glass for each one of you.'
for you. There's one
3 - "There are
good books here. I think I'll be able to do my research."
4 - " have
information. I'll surely need more. What I've got now is not enough to
start looking for the thieves.
5 - The Browns ale not exactly rich, but they have money
people here really understand modern art.
7- Silent George doesn't talk much, he is man of
8 - Very
people rally understand modern art.
9 - Mary is not rich but she has a
Money in the Bank.
10. The test was difficult, so
students passes it.​

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Find 10 words for school subjects in the word search puzzle below.v i s p a n i s h t e a r t s f fn i c t q x e o y s f a x t m r gs d q g j s t l u x h i s t o r ys c i e n c e c g e o g r a p h y çq w h m d i l e n g l i s h y t cp s y u f m l i t e r a t u r e so r y d v q o y j c m a t h s o wf q x o y w k p o r t u g u e s e​
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Gente minha irmã tá fazenado curso de enfermagem o que fç? a) curso de enfermagem b) curso de englêsc) engenharia néd) arquitetura e) nenhuma das alternativas. ma eu vou fazer a segunda alternativa baby​
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Simulado do 7°ano, oq vai cair nele? ​
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Complete com few, a few, little e a little: 1 - Today I am feiling sad because there are
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