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Complete the sentences with the nouns in brackets. Use the plural.
1. How many _ does your cat catch? (mouse)
2. They usually keep their winter clothes in _ . (box)
3. We saw some _ on our way to the beach. (deer)
4. She bought two _ in our online shop. (scarf)
5. Our uncle often tells us funny _ . (story)
6. We often have _ for dinner on Fridays. (fish)
7. My sister likes ice cream with _ . (blueberry)
8. The girls bought three _ in the mall. (dress)
9. How many _ work in your office? (person)
10. The farmer has a lot of _ . (sheep)
11. You should always keep your _ warm in winter. (foot)
12. Does a cat really have seven _ ? (life)
13. At how many _ have you been this year? (party)
14. _ broke into their house and stole some paintings. (thief)
15. You should clean your _ twice a day. (tooth)
16. How many _ work in the restaurant? (woman)
17. My brother always has two _ for lunch. (sandwich)
18. They have five _ , three girls and two boys. (child)

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Retire do fragmento abaixo , a ideia geral do que dizem os pesquisadores sobre a crianças que participam do jantar em familia . because researchers claim that kids who have these regular family dinners have better behavior and a larger vocabulary they are also less likely to smoke drink do drugs or have eating disorders time with their parents makes kids more stable and gives them a sense of belonging and safety plus they learn beter manners . tradução : porque os pesquisadores afirmam que as crianças que têm esses jantares familiares regulares têm um comportamento melhor e um vocabulário maior, elas também são menos propensas a fumar drogas ou ter transtornos alimentares com seus pais, tornando as crianças mais estáveis ​​e lhes dando uma sensação de pertença e segurança. eles aprendem boas maneiras.
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Preencha os espaços com o verbo to be no simple past. a)jane her mother wen i arrived there. b)you the most inportant person at the time. c)i speaking badly of you(forma negativa). d)we really worried aboit her. e)i tink it like i expected it to be(forma negativa). f)jane believres they sleeping when it hoppened.​
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Obrasil por eduardo bueno a revolta do males​
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Frase interrogativa no present continuous​
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Complete the sentences with the nouns in brackets. Use the plural.
1. How many _ does your cat...
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