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EXERCISE Try to complete the text with the verbs given in parenthesis with the correct verb tense.
Growth could stagnato
If the economy in 1 Box (lo grow), that generally means more wealth and
moro now jobe It's measured by 2. Bu (to look) at the percentage change in
gross domestic product, or the value of goods and services produced, typically over
a year.
The think tank 3. ed. (lo forecast) growth of just 2,4% in 2020, down from
2.9% in November. It also said that a "longer lasting and more intensive" outbreak
could halve growth to 1.5% in 2020 as factories suspend their activity and workers stay
al homo to try to contain the virus,
Global shares take a bit
Investors 4. U
(lo bo) worried about the impact of the coronavirus as it
spreads outside of China. Big shifts in stock markets, where shares in companies are
bought and sold, can affect investments in some types of pension or individual savings
accounts (Isas),
The last week of February 5, 2004 (to see the worst performance for major
stock markets since the 2008 financial crisis.
Factories slowing down
China makes up a third of manufacturing globally, and is the world's largest exporter of
goode. But activity 6.
(lo decrease) in the so-called 'workshop of the
world" as factories pause their operations to try to contain the spread of Covid-19.
Restrictions have affected the supply chains of big companies such as industrial
equipment manufacturer JCB and carmaker Nissan. Both rely on China's production
and its 300 million migrant workers. Jaguar Land Rover even said it had flown car parts
In sultcases as some factories run out of parts for vehicles.
Customers buying less
Fear of the coronavirus outbreak means that some people 7.
(to choose)
to avoid activities that might expose them to the risk of infection, such as going out
Restaurants, car dealerships and shops have all reported a fall in customer demand.
Chinese car sales, for example, 8. Osoppid (to drop) by 92% during the first half of
February. More carmakers, like Tesla or Geely, are now selling cars online as
customers stay away from showrooms.
Apple was one tech giant who said sales had been affected by low customer demand.
Travel among hardest hit
The number of cases diagnosed 9-dada. (to increase) around the world every
day. Many countries 10.4. Tundu (to introduce) travel restrictions to try to contain
the virus's spread. For example, the UK government advises against all travel to the
Hubel province in China, where the virus originated. It's also issued special travel
advice for Italy, which was the first European country to report a major surge in cases. ‚Äč

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