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Leia o texto abaixo e responda Ă s perguntas: Soccer, or football as they call it in the UK, is the most popular sport in the world. More people play or watch soccer than any other sport in the world.

Soccer is a sport which is easy to play wherever you are in the world. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment, and the rules are easy to understand. All you need is a ball, a group of people, and a field or similar space.

A few thousand years ago there were many countries around the world where people probably played ball games with their feet. In China, for example, they played a game that was called Tsu Chu. People think that soldiers played it as part of their fitness training. Around the same time, they were playing a ball game called Kemari in Japan. This wasn’t a competitive game, but it was difficult.

It was in England, however, where the modern game of soccer first started. They set up the first Football Association there in 1863, and they made some important changes to the rules at that time. The most important difference was that players weren’t allowed to touch the ball with their hands, or run with it. The soccer clubs that didn’t agree with this rule decided to leave the Football Association, and they started a new sport – rugby!

1 What is the name which people use for soccer in Europe?

2 What do you need to play soccer?

3 Who were the people who played Tsu Chu in China?

4 What was the most important change that the English Football Association made?

5 What did the soccer clubs that left the Football Association do?​

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Leia o texto abaixo e responda Ă s perguntas: Soccer, or football as they call it in the UK, is the...
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