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Marque a alternativa que cont√©m um erro em rela√ß√£o ao uso dos OBJECT PRONOUNS (em caixa alta) (quest√Ķes 1 a 6) QUEST√ÉO 1
1-Jo√£o is my friend. I love HER 2-Madonna is a singer. I listen to HER 3-Faust√£o is terrible. I don¬īt like HIM. 4-Outro:
QUESTÃO 2 * 1-Mike Tyson is good. I admire HIM. 2-Maria and Sarah are my sisters. I love THEM. 3-Ben is my dog. I love HIM.
QUESTÃO 3 * 1-Sarah and Maria are beautiful. I know HER 2-You and I are good singers. The fans love US. 3-Ariana Grande is great. I listen to HER
QUESTÃO 4 * 1-Neymar is good. I like HIM. 2-My car is white. I wash HIM every week 3-Fantástico is a great show. I love IT
QUESTÃO 5 * 1-I am a good son. My parents love ME 2-Michael Jackson was great. I loved THEM. 3-My sister is fantastic. I miss HER. QUESTÃO 6 * 1-My parents are my heroes. I admire THEM 2-Mathematics is so good. I love HIM 3-Barcelona is a great team. I love IT

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Homeworkuse the words in the box (from "the world goes global") to complete the text.tradecultures economics globalization (2x) interact linking nations technologiesglobalization is sometimes defined as theof the world's nations through trade. thisamongallows people from differenttowith each other. people disagree about the effects ofonsome people think that it them with jobs and newhowever, others believe thatdestroys the cultural traditions of smaller groups.‚Äč
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5frases afirmativas no present simple‚Äč
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1.abrevie as frases abaixoa) i am sick.b) you are herec) it is thered) we are bravee) you are not happyf) she is not hereg) i am not her h) they are not there‚Äč
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Frase no present continous come√ßando com play online‚Äč
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