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Mary is a nice woman. She is a nurse and works in a big hospital. She works at night on weekends. Mary has two young children and they are very intelligent. Their names are "Jack" and
"Julie". Jack is nine years old and Julie is eleven years old. Jack likes soccer and Julie loves
movies. Jack wants to be a soccer player and Julie wants to be a movie star.
Mary likes to be with her children when she isn't working - they play board games together. Mary's
family is very happy, especially when Jake, Mary's husband, is at home with them. Jake usually
travels a lot and visits different places - he is a truck driver.
Board games: jogos de tabuleiro
Answer the questions
Qual a profiss√£o de Maria?
Onde ela trabalha?
Ela é casada ou solteira?
4) . Quantos filhos ela tem?

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5.(m√≥d. 18) complete usando na voz passiva os verbosque est√£o entre par√™nteses.a) albums (sell)in record shops.b) clothes (create)by designers.c) the information (collect)by thereporters.d) bread (make)at the bakery.e) water polo (play).in a swimming pool‚Äč
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Me ajudem s√≥ quem j√° passou dessa li√ß√£o homework 10 li√ß√£o 2 do t2 wizard eu sei que tem que escutar o homem falando no app mas eu n√£o entendi o que eles falam ent√£o me ajudem por favor ‚ô•ÔłŹ
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3. complete the sentences with the verb in the correct form. to see; to complain; to get; to come; to listen; to work; a-it has been a long time since , hasn't it? b-how long has it been since stepfather? c-my best friend a painter since 2015 d-i haven' good result since the last championship. e- the loud music last night. f-it has been a long time since the service.
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Me ajudem pfv √© pra hj! complete as senten√ßas abaixo com am,are ou is: a) popular comic strip.b) big fan of peanuts.its main brown and snoopy.c) brown's dog.d)charlie brown has a little sister too.her .e)charlie brown and from each other‚Äč
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