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POR FAVOR √Č PRA HOJE 2. Replace each with a word or expression from the text to complete thefollowing sentences a. Compulsive shopping, also known as shopping addiction, is a behavioral addiction. *

b. Every day we are bombarded by encouraging us to spend more andmore. *

c. Shopping addiction was first cited as a early in the 20th century. *

d. Addicts shop excessively because they believe it is a way of . *

3. Answer the following questions .a. When does shopping addiction usually begin? *

b. Does window shopping constitute an addiction? Why (not)? *

c. What are some examples of treatment for shopping addiction? *

d. What are some possible negative effects of shopping addiction? *

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What kind of weather do cacao trees need?
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1. complete the sentences using the correct form of thephrasal verbs below. if necessary, use a good dictionaryto discover the meaning of some phrasal verbs.pick upput upturn upget uphurry upbring up‚Äč
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5) corrija qualquer poss√≠vel erro que possa aparecer nas frases: 1. i is doing a very good job in the company.2. what is you doing here? 3. ketty and kelly are sisters.4. the cat are black and white.5. i don't know where we is.‚Äč
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Ordem de cada palavras? usualmente; algumas vezes; raramente; quase nunca; raramente; frequentemente; ocasionalmente; nunca; frequentemente; sempre.
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