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Quais s√£o os verbos desse texto

a party

betty: good evening, kate
kate: good evening, betty
betty: where is karina? why didn't she come to my party?
kate: she said that she was sick
she went to the doctor's this morning
betty: please, come in and take a seat
there is someone calling. wait a moment, please. i will be back soon.
(betty goes to her bedroom and in a few minutes comes back.)
kate: may i know who was calling?
betty: sure. it was doris. she told me that she will arrive at 10 o'clock
she is too busy now. she also said that doroty and lucy won't come.
they went to the beach with their father.
(the bell is ringing)
let's see who is at the door.
many boys and girls shouting: hip! hip! hurra!
betty! betty! betty!
betty: welcome! i am so happy! it will be a nice party.

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Quais s√£o os verbos desse texto

a party

betty: good evening, kate
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