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Tradução de by the end of the lesson(s) ,tou Will né better abler tô

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Me ajudem só quem já passou dessa lição homework 10 lição 2 do t2 wizard eu sei que tem que escutar o homem falando no app mas eu não entendi o que eles falam então me ajudem por favor ♥️
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Homeworkuse the words in the box (from "the world goes global") to complete the text.tradecultures economics globalization (2x) interact linking nations technologiesglobalization is sometimes defined as theof the world's nations through trade. thisamongallows people from differenttowith each other. people disagree about the effects ofonsome people think that it them with jobs and newhowever, others believe thatdestroys the cultural traditions of smaller groups.​
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What is a family? who is a family? one and another makes two is a family! baby and father and mother: a family! parents and sister and brother: a familyall kinds of people can make up a familyall kinds of mixtures can make up a family​
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Complete as frases usando o superlativo dos adjetivos: my brother is that class. (tall)i am of the group. (poor)my parents are in this party. (happy)your sister is girl of all. (thin)this new house is in my street. (large)​
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Tradução de by the end of the lesson(s) ,tou Will né better abler tô...
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